APR Inc. Project: Bringing Smiles to the New Life Nungua Children’s Home in Ghana

In a heartwarming collaboration with the New Life Nungua Children’s Home in Ghana, APR Inc. embarked on a mission to create moments of joy and bring positivity to the lives of these young residents. Here’s a glimpse into the project’s facts, impact, and focus:

Facts and Impact:

  1. Bringing Joy: The primary goal of this project was to light up the faces of the children at the New Life Nungua Children’s Home. APR Inc. achieved this by providing gifts in the form of toys and sharing a meal with the children. These simple acts of kindness aimed to create lasting memories and spread happiness.
  2. Community Partnership: APR Inc.’s collaboration with the New Life Nungua Children’s Home underscores its commitment to working closely with local organizations and communities. By joining forces, we can magnify our positive impact and create a brighter future for those in need.
  3. Support for Vulnerable Children: The New Life Nungua Children’s Home is a haven for children who have faced challenging circumstances, including orphanhood, abuse, and abandonment. Our project aimed to offer not only tangible gifts but also emotional support and a sense of belonging to these young residents.


The New Life Nungua Children’s Home is a non-governmental and non-profit organization dedicated to caring for orphaned, abused, missing, and abandoned children. Led by Mr. Cephas Mensah Afotey, who is also a respected chief, the home provides essential support to children in need. Accommodating 92 children, including in-house residents and those in the community, the home also extends its reach to support widows, the elderly, and disabled individuals.

APR Inc. is proud to have contributed to the well-being of these deserving communities and to continue its mission of creating positive change. Through projects like these, we aim to instill hope, inspire joy, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

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