Empowering Communities through Skill Development

APR Inc. is making significant strides in empowering individuals through our ‘Teaching Job Skills’ project. Our focus is clear: we aim to equip local residents, especially youth and women, with essential skills that enhance their employability and drive economic self-sufficiency.

The Stats:

  • Empowering Youth: Youth unemployment remains a pressing challenge in Zanzibar, with an estimated 30% of young people out of work. Our project seeks to change this narrative.
  • Female Empowerment: We are committed to gender equality. Over 60% of our program participants are women, fostering economic independence and self-reliance.
  • Skill Diversification: We offer a diverse range of training programs, including vocational skills, entrepreneurship, and digital literacy, to ensure participants are well-prepared for a competitive job market.

The Focus: Our project is a catalyst for transformative change. By providing practical skills training, we empower individuals to break the chains of poverty and chart a course towards a brighter future. Our approach focuses on:

  • Economic Independence: We believe that economic self-sufficiency is a fundamental right. Through skill development, we unlock opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.
  • Gender Equality: Women play a pivotal role in community development. Our emphasis on female empowerment is a step towards gender equity and a stronger society.
  • Diverse Skill Sets: We understand that one size does not fit all. Our programs cater to a range of skills, enabling participants to explore various avenues for growth.

1 thought on “Empowering Communities through Skill Development”

  1. That is so great to know marvelous ,Is my prayer that you will attend to us City of Refuge and Rehoboth vocational centre a non profit organization taking care of orphans,widows and tge needy .we are in Ghana , West Africa.
    God bless you guys for a great job making the youth having their self esteem .
    thanks .
    Ps Stephen Sakyi

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