Leadership Message

Dear Supporters and Partners,

Welcome to AFRICANPOVERTYRELIEF (APR) Inc., where our vision propels our mission—Promoting Social, Educational, Economic, Cultural, and Moral Development in East Africa

In our pursuit of an Africa without poverty, we envision a continent where everyone has access to fundamental needs and opportunities. At APR Inc., we’re committed to turning this vision into reality by providing hope, essential needs awareness, and training support.

Our dream encompasses a holistic approach. We strive for an Africa where individuals not only have access to basic necessities like food, healthcare, and clean water but also possess the knowledge and skills for sustainable practices in farming and forestry, with a keen eye on environmental preservation. We aim to build resilience to natural and man-made disasters, standing ready to provide necessary assistance.

To achieve this, we collaborate closely with local partners, dedicated staff, volunteers, governments, the private sector, and fellow NGOs. Together, we forge a united front against poverty and hunger.

We acknowledge the stark poverty situation in Africa, with a substantial portion of the population living below the poverty line. Sub-Saharan Africa faces significant challenges, including hunger, illiteracy, and malnutrition. Our commitment is unwavering, driven by the understanding that progress is not only measured in economic terms but by how wealth is shared and distributed.

Africa’s challenges are vast, but so is our determination. We invite you to join APR Inc. in making a tangible impact on the lives of countless Africans. Together, we can bring positive change to individuals, households, villages, schools, hospitals, prisons, districts, regions, and countries—one step at a time.

Let’s combat poverty in Africa, hand in hand, and create a brighter future for all.

Warm regards,

Mabula Sabula.

Chief Executive Officer


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