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AfricanPovertyRelief (APR) Inc. is driven by an unwavering commitment to combat poverty and uplift African communities. Founded by the African diaspora, we embody empathy and solidarity, uniting efforts to eradicate poverty across the continent. APR Inc. has a legacy of impactful projects, addressing critical issues and achieving tangible results. Our initiatives span various fields, from education to healthcare and environmental preservation. We’re dedicated to creating lasting positive change throughout Africa, one project at a time.


APR Inc. is empowering Zanzibar’s youth and women through our ‘Teaching Job Skills’ project. We’re equipping individuals with essential skills, boosting employability, and driving economic self-sufficiency in this picturesque archipelago.

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In April 2021, APR Inc. launched an impactful project in Tanzania, leveraging beekeeping to combat poverty. This initiative not only generates sustainable income but also addresses child malnutrition and promotes environmental conservation. With nearly one-third of Tanzanian children under five experiencing stunted growth, our beekeeping project plays a crucial role in improving nutrition.

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In a heartwarming collaboration with the New Life Nungua Children’s Home in Ghana, APR Inc. embarked on a mission to create moments of joy and bring positivity to the lives of these young residents

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In 2022, APR Inc. continued its unwavering commitment to alleviating poverty and enhancing the well-being of communities in Tanzania. One of our notable projects involved the distribution of essential supplies to local resident

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